I’ve Got Questions

Will I fit in at Fishburne?

No matter who you are or what your background may be, you will fit in at Fishburne. We have a diverse group of students who have extracurricular interests in sports, movies, games, music, art, photography and a variety of other activities. The only way you won’t fit in at Fishburne is if you don’t try your best and aren’t interested in meeting new people and making new friends.

What if I have poor grades?

Poor grades won’t automatically disqualify you from admission to Fishburne. Some students who matriculate to Fishburne have struggled academically at their previous schools. However, once you become a Fishburne cadet, you must be committed to academic success. This includes asking for help, attending help class when required, and holding yourself accountable to complete your work on time.

What if my parents can’t afford FMS tuition?

Fishburne offers variety of scholarships to o! set tuition costs. Most likely, you and your family will qualify for at least one scholarship and/or financial aid.

Is Fishburne hard academically? Militarily?

You will be challenged at Fishburne—both inside and outside the classroom. This is what sets Fishburne apart from non-military schools because we see what’s great in you. Our dedicated faculty and staff will help you chart your path to success, including the military side of instruction. If you do your best, you’ll be surprised at how well you will do at a good military school.

Will Fishburne make it easier for me to get into College or a Professional Trade School?

The faculty and staff at Fishburne are dedicated to your future. They will help you identify what your plans after graduation are, and help you find the best path to get you there.

What’s it like being an Fishburne cadet?

Being a Fishburne cadet is like being a student at a non-military school. However, as a member of the our JROTC Corps of Cadets, you will wear a uniform and practice military drill. You will also follow a certain set of rules that include sticking to a daily schedule. You will attend class, play sports if you’d like, and participate in organized activities outside the classroom.

Do I have to wear a uniform all the time?

Yes. You must wear a military uniform when you are on campus. After classes, however, the uniform is more relaxed and includes shorts or sweatpants depending on the weather.

Do I have to have my hair cut a certain length?

Yes. You will have to have a short haircut when you first come to campus. But you may grow it to a length just above your ears once you have successfully completed the Rook period (the first few weeks of school).

Can I play any sport I choose, or are their tryouts?

Most sports do not require tryouts. This means you can play just about any sport offered at Fishburne. The only sport that requires a tryout is the Fishburne Rifle Team.

Are the teachers “mean”?

No. The teachers aren’t mean. Many members of our faculty have a military background and all like to keep order in the classrooms. So, think strict, but not mean.

Do I just get ‘bossed around’ all the time by cadet leadership and staff?

Cadet leadership and staff are put in place to maintain order at Fishburne. Their job isn’t to “boss you around,” but to make sure things are running smoothly, orderly, and on time. You will learn time-management skills and how to follow them to increase your productivity both inside and outside the classroom.

Is Fishburne all-male for boarding students as well as for day students?

Fishburne is an all-male school for both day and boarding students.

What time do I have to get up in the morning?

You will be getting up at 6:30 in the morning Monday-Friday, but you will be able to sleep in for longer periods on weekends.

How often will I be able to get out of town/go home for the weekend?

If you are a seven-day boarder, you can go home on the weekends if it is an “open” weekend. There is usually at least one weekend per month during which you will be able to go home.

How often am I allowed to go into town?

Once you have successfully completed the required Rook status for new students, you will be able go into town on the weekends.

What is the social life like outside the classroom?

There are a variety of fun activities to get you off campus almost every weekend, including Airsoft” Rifle outings, movies, hikes to the nearby mountains, and other social activities.

Can I bring a car to Fishburne?

You may only bring a car to campus if you are a day student. This will be to drive yourself to school and back home every day.

Under what circumstances would I get kicked out of Fishburne?

While rare, you can be expelled from Fishburne if you have repeated offenses against the regulation Cadet handbook, or if you have done something that is not tolerated beyond the first offense.

If I get kicked out, can I redeem myself and re-enroll?

Once you have been officially expelled from Fishburne, you will not be able to re-enroll. However, this a rare occurrence, and your offense(s) would have to be egregious. Again, our Mission is to provide a structured educational environment to help you succeed in your academic career and in life.

“Leadership isn’t about giving orders. It’s about giving a damn about the people you’re leading.”

— CADET Cadet Lieutenant Colonel \ 4th Year